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2nd Annual Women’s Leadership Symposium: Actualize Your Vision – Empowering Women to Lead and Succeed

The Leading Ladies of The Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Women’s Leadership Symposium: Actualize, set to occur on March 21st, 2024, at the Statesville Civic Center. This transformative, day-long event is dedicated to inspiring and empowering women to “Actualize their Vision,” encouraging a culture of leadership and success.

The Leading Ladies Program, an initiative led by The Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce, is dedicated to fostering connections and growth among women from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to create a platform where women from all walks of life can come together to connect, collaborate, and empower one another. The annual women’s leadership symposium is designed to cultivate a supportive community through engaging team-building exercises, networking opportunities, and insightful sessions led by dynamic female speakers.

This year’s symposium will feature six influential women speakers, each offering a unique perspective on the significance of empowering women in today’s world. Attendees will be able to gain insights, motivation, and practical strategies to navigate and excel in their personal and professional journeys.

Breakout Sessions include:
● “Setting and Prioritizing your Personal and Professional Goals” with Amy Christieson: Join seasoned entrepreneur and Chief Growth Officer Amy Christieson on a transformative journey to streamline and optimize your life.
● “Power of a Courageous Conversation” with Jameka Haynes: Explore the bold and courageous realm of conversation with Jameka Haynes, Culture Builder, and Diversity and Inclusion Champion, moving past fear and embracing the power of being unapologetic.
● “Find Your Mojo… Discover Your Magic” with Melinda McVadden: Melinda brings insights into crafting powerful messages from her award-winning career, offering a session on discovering your magic and building connections.
● “Elevate Your Brand: A Guide to Organically Grow Your Business” with Katrina Foster: Join serial entrepreneur and Chief Difference Maker Katrina Foster for a guide on organically growing your business and elevating your brand.
● “How to Grow within a Corporate Structure & Advance Your Career” with Lisa Meier: Gain practical strategies for navigating gender-specific challenges in the corporate world and advancing your career.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Melissa Furman The symposium will end with a powerful keynote address by Dr. Melissa Furman titled “Navigate, Accelerate, Elevate.” Dr. Furman’s session aims to ignite motivation and inspiration, encouraging a proactive approach toward action. The focus will be practical communication across generations, integrating critical insights from various topics covered throughout the day.

All-Day Event Schedule – 8:30 AM through 5:30 PM:
● Registration
● Welcome and Opening Session
● Break
● Breakout Sessions I (all five speakers)
● Breakout Sessions II (all five speakers)
● Lunch
● Energizer Networking
● Breakout Sessions III (all five speakers)
● Keynote Address by Melissa Furman
● Panel with all speakers
● Networking & Happy Hour

Registration: Secure your spot for this empowering event by visiting or or contacting The Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce at 704-873-2892.

The 2024 Annual Women’s Leadership Symposium promises to be a day of inspiration, empowerment, and networking, providing attendees with practical tools to excel personally and professionally.

The mission of the Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce is to connect all sectors of the community, generating education and economic opportunities to improve the quality of life.

For more information about Actualize Women’s Symposium, contact the Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce at 704-873-2892 and visit us at ###