Existing Industry Program

Our existing industry program is free resources to businesses of all sizes, small and large, existing and new, just starting-up or established.  It is important to our community stakeholders to build relationships with our local businesses, so that we can get to know you, understand your business capabilities, and provide programs and assistance to help you grow. We serve as a resource for businesses looking to grow, expand, or relocate within Iredell County.  Our extensive knowledge of the areas enables us to provide recommendations on a wide range of programs and resources, share market data, address concerns, and effecitvely communicate challenges in the business community with our elected officials and key stakeholders so they can provide solutions.

  •  Confidential site and building search and selection assistance
  •  Provide market data & analysis
  •  Identify financial incentives and grants at the local, regional, and state level
  •  Facilitate your project through planning and development services
  •  Connecting you to workforce & development resources
  •  Serve as a project coordinator and liaison between business and government
  •  Connect you with requested partners to support your business and growth
  •  Facilitate Tours of your facility with key stakeholders, elected officials
  •  Share your successes through our marketing and communications channels
  •  Convene our Industry Leaders Council to share best practices and make connection
  • To learn more all the ways we can assist your business, download our Client Services Brochure

Small Business Assistance

Iredell EDC’s Small Business Ombudsman (SBO) program provides free assistance to small business owners looking to set up shop or relocate their existing business.

Our SBO program:

  • Helps small businesses navigate the planning and inspections process
  • Identifies potential challenges of sites and facilities
  • Interprets zoning and building codes
  • Provides education and outreach programs on regulatory compliance issues
  • Coordinates between small businesses and government
  • Facilitates the resolution of complaints and disagreements

Is it time to grow your business? Download our Business Resource Guide to learn what’s available to help your company grow and schedule a time to connect with Todd Black, Existing Industry Manager, [email protected].

Business Pulse Survey

In August 2021, Iredell EDC launched the Business Pulse Survey to help our community understand their viewpoints on the local business climate as well as identifying the specific needs of businesses. 2021 Business Pulse Survey Results

Key takeaways from the survey include:

  • The outlook for Iredell County businesses is strong: 60% of businesses anticipate employment and sales growth over the next year.
  • Public safety (police, fire, and EMS) received excellent marks for satisfaction (86%) by businesses.
  • The County received high marks for Quality of Life (88%) and overall Business Climate (77%).
  • Nearly a third of businesses anticipate expanding over the next year
  • The on-going impacts of COVID remain a concern of businesses across the county.
  • The impact of COVID may be reflected in the concerns about disruption to supply chains, inflation, and the difficulty of acquiring and retaining employees.

The Business Pulse Survey, combined with industry interviews throughout the year, provide Iredell EDC with insights on the needs of local businesses and perceptions of our community. Iredell EDC will continue to gather information about the business community to tell our story, dive deeper into industry needs, and work with partners to respond to those needs.




ReVamp is a technical assistance program open to motorsports teams and component manufacturers with five or more employees to help them with free strategic planning and identify key areas of opportunity for diversification. Iredell County and the Town of Mooresville are providing dollar-for-dollar implementation grants up to $20,000.  Grant funding can be used to implement recommendations made by NC State Industry Expansion Solutions as a result of the initial assessment process.   To determine if your company qualifies for the technical assistance grant, click here. Want to participate in ReVamp? Download your application here. Questions? Contact Todd Black, [email protected] or 704-663.1898.