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Brad Keselowski Says His Manufacturing Startup Booming Through the Space Industry

The space industry has become a solid launch platform for Brad Keselowski to achieve liftoff with his state-of-the-art 3-D printing company.

Since Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing opened two years ago, its owner has been reticent about the business in which he invested millions. The hybrid manufacturing factory, housed in the 70,000-square-foot-shop that once was the base of Keselowski’s truck team, assists companies by bending and forming metal into parts.

Because of proprietary agreements, the Team Penske driver remains tight-lipped about KAM’s customer base (which has been aimed at aerospace, defense, medical and automotive), but he has been more forthcoming about the company’s growth potential with space technology projected to triple into a trillion-dollar industry (and possibly within the next decade).

“Nothing happens as fast as we want it to, but we’re riding a pretty big wave right now,” Keselowski recently told NBC Sports. “It’s not much of a secret if you follow my LinkedIn account, but we’re really, really into space right now. Very committed to it.”

The full article is available on NBC Sports here.

Source: Ryan, Nate. “Brad Keselowski says his manufacturing startup booming through the space industry,” NBC Sports, 30 December, 2020,