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City Council Approves Annexation Boundary Agreement with Town of Troutman

In a significant move towards local governance and cooperative planning, the City of Statesville and the Town of Troutman have successfully approved an annexation boundary agreement. The agreement, presented by City Manager Ron Smith at the City Council meeting on September 18, 2023, marks a crucial milestone in the relationship between these two North Carolina municipalities.

This annexation boundary agreement represents a continuation of collaborative efforts that have been ongoing for several years. The previous agreement, initially established in 2007, was dissolved in 2021. Now, with this new accord, both cities aim to redefine their respective territories and plan for future land use and annexation activities.

Key points of this newly approved agreement:

  • Effective Duration: The agreement will be in effect until September 30, 2043, providing both Statesville and Troutman with a clear framework for their territorial control and planning for the next two decades.
  • Geographic Limits: The agreement establishes that it won’t be binding beyond three miles of the primary corporate limits of a participating municipality unless approved by the Iredell County Board of Commissioners. This provision ensures that decisions made within this boundary remain under local jurisdiction.
  • Flexibility: The agreement allows either participating municipality to withdraw from it by repealing the ordinance that approved the agreement and providing a five-year written notice to the other participating municipality. This flexibility ensures that both cities can adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Annexation Petitions: Importantly, this annexation agreement does not impact or affect any annexation petitions that are currently pending with either party. It provides a clear framework for future planning without interfering with ongoing processes.

The Town of Troutman adopted this agreement at their August 2023 meeting, demonstrating their commitment to cooperative governance. The agreement goes into effect with the City of Statesville’s adoption of the agreement.

This collaborative effort between Statesville and Troutman exemplifies the importance of local governments working together to plan for their shared future. As both cities continue to grow and evolve, this agreement will serve as a crucial tool for managing development, resources, and services for the benefit of their residents.