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First US-Built PFAS Remediation Tech Comes Off Production Line in Mooresville, NC

EPOC Enviro’s first US built SAFF® unit rolled off the production line this week at its Mooresville, NC location, launching a local supply of PFAS remediation technology for the US market.

Award winning SAFF® is an acronym for Surface Active Foam Fractionation, a patented and proven process using the power of the rising air bubble to permanently remove 99+ per cent of harmful target PFAS contaminants from a range of water sources.

“PFAS contamination is the water quality issue of our time, and we are proud to be creating a sustainable solution exclusively for the US market right here in Mooresville,” said EPOC Enviro VP-North America, Shaun Melrose.

“In just seven months, we have recruited and trained an A-team of staff, established componentry pathways, and fast-tracked the manufacturing process to build our very first SAFF® unit to meet rising demand for effective PFAS remediation solutions,” he said.

“This is a keystone moment in the evolution of the company. We have a great team of partners in place with our North American distributors, Allonnia, and we’ve undertaken a highly productive knowledge-transfer process to ensure that our US constructed SAFF® replicates the high quality of units being manufactured in Australia.”

SAFF® technology has now remediated PFAS at more than eight locations throughout the US, a total of 26 locations around the globe and has successfully remediated more than 170M gallons (650M liters) of impacted waters across three continents.

The robust technology stands out from other remediation approaches for its ability to separate and concentrate PFAS contaminants from a range of complex water sources including groundwater, surface water, landfill leachate, and industrial waste waters.

Research shows that 98 percent of Americans now have PFAS in their blood, raising global concerns about these ‘forever chemicals’ and their characteristics of persistence, bioaccumulation, mobility, toxicity and their impacts on human health and the environment.

SAFF® technology is a nature based PFAS remediation solution that produces no waste, other than highly concentrated PFAS, ensuring zero environmental harm. The process can be readily paired with all known PFAS destruction technologies for complete and permanent PFAS eradication.

In addition to direct sales to market, EPOC Enviro has partnered with American companies Crystal Clean and Allonnia to deliver a compelling ‘closed loop’ PFAS remediation and destruction solution known as 4never. “Development of a local manufacturing capability will help to deliver real value for this important collaboration and promises much for the more challenging landfill leachate and industrial wastewater remediation markets,” Shaun said.

“This SAFF® is the first of many to come off our US production line, and we want people to know that we are here for the long haul, delivering a manufactured technology together with a comprehensive after sales service.”

EPOC Enviro wishes to recognize and thank a number of organizations and individuals for their support including:

  • Governor Roy Cooper
  • The North Carolina Department of Commerce
  • Iredell County Economic Development Corporation
  • Maxis Advisors
  • Foundry Commercial
  • Hull and Chandler
  • Knox Group Inc

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EPOC Enviro is an award-winning environmental engineering firm. The EPOC acronym stands for ‘Emerging Pollutants of Concern’.

Our mission is to develop and implement clever and practical engineering solutions on a global scale to permanently remove PFAS and other emerging contaminants from the environment.

At EPOC Enviro, we proudly apply the principles of intelligent design, sustainable engineering and green chemistry to our craft.

Since 2014, EPOC scientists and engineers have worked collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to develop and patent remedial solutions to remove PFAS from water, soil and hardstand.


PFAS are a family of synthetic compounds widely used globally to make products that resist heat, oil, stains, grease and water. PFAS compounds break down very slowly over time and are recognized as an ‘emerging contaminant’ with widespread concerns about their characteristics of persistence, bioaccumulation, toxicity and impacts on human health.