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How to Embrace AI Without Jeopardizing Morale – or Risking Lawsuits


By Marq Burnett and Andy Medici – Charlotte Business Journal

Artificial intelligence took a huge leap forward in 2023, with employees, executives and businesses embracing generative AI tools like ChatGPT at a rapid pace.

By all indications, that trend will continue in 2024.

Not only are many businesses worried about getting left behind in a fast-moving evolution — they are also looking to reduce costs and solve their labor challenges, which are driving more companies toward AI.

While the technology is a tempting tool, experts say AI is a double-edged sword for businesses, creating a mix of opportunities and pitfalls.

That’s particularly true when it comes to utilizing AI with anything related to human resources.

It’s one of several red flags employers should be aware of as they attempt to integrate AI into their business models in 2024. Here are some best practices for avoiding trouble.

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