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Iredell County Manufacturing Awareness September 28 – October 2, 2020

Manufacturing Day is a national event, held annually, to raise awareness of careers in manufacturing.  Showcasing manufacturing draws attention to several fulfilling career paths available within modern manufacturing.  This year Iredell County Economic Development Corporation will be celebrating MFG DAY by encouraging, students, educators, parents, and community members to learn more about local companies and training opportunities that lead to careers in manufacturing.

At Iredell County Economic Development Corporation, we are committed to raising awareness of careers with local companies.  This MFG DAY, we are connecting with students, parents, and jobseekers to celebrate the extraordinary opportunities in manufacturing.

During the week of September 28 – October 2, 2020, our team at Iredell EDC will be sharing high impact media, job postings at local manufacturing companies, and company competencies for our community to share with students, for job-seekers to explore, and for families to watch and learn more at-home. We encourage you to join us via our social media channels via LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to engage and share these efforts.

“Iredell County has a strong presence of manufacturers, with approximately 300 employers, 9,000 jobs, representing the 3rd largest industry sector.  Cultivating a pipeline of skilled workers is imperative to the success and growth of our economy,” said Jenn Bosser, President & CEO, Iredell EDC. “Iredell EDC is proud to support workforce development efforts to showcase jobs and career pathways within our local industries.”

Iredell County Economic Development Corporation is organizing and promoting the following events to create awareness:

  • Releasing a case study highlighting the CNC Machinist Program available at NASCAR Technical Institute and partnership with local companies Roush Yates Engines and Mitsubishi Materials USA.
  • Creating a series of social media posts that display the diversity and excellence of manufacturing in Iredell County.


For more information on the Rock MFG DAY Kit, contact Edge Factor:

Edge Factor and ABB partnered together to create a Rock MFG DAY: STEAM Experience that is filled with cinematic films, career profiles, soft skills videos, and STEAM content to inspire and engage our audience.  Each day of the week is dedicated to demonstrating how specific STEAM topics come alive in manufacturing: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

Edge Factor empowers communities across North America to tackle workforce development, inspire students, reach parents, and build relationships between local companies, schools, and families. Visit to learn more or email us at info@edgefactor.

About Iredell EDC:
Iredell County Economic Development Corporation (Iredell EDC) was formed in 2017, as a result of our leaders and communities coming together with a vision to organize our economic development efforts under one county-wide economic development organization.  Iredell County Economic Development Corporation is a 501(c)6 private-public partnership dedicated to the growth and success of Iredell County.  We work with partners at the local, county, region, and state levels to address business opportunities and challenges to ensure a vibrant business community.

For more information, contact Jenn Bosser at 704-663-1898, or