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Jane Crosby Named Town Clerk for Town of Mooresville

The Town of Mooresville recently announced the selection of Jane Crosby as the Town Clerk. Crosby was appointed by the Board of Commissioners at their January 16, 2024 meeting and officially began her role following the appointment.

“Jane has been the long-time assistant to the Town Manager’s office, so she already has a thorough institutional knowledge of Mooresville,” said Mayor Chris Carney. “But what’s even more important is her attention to detail, the way she thinks 10 steps ahead, her work ethic and the way she brings a real business sense to the job. She has been a breath of fresh air; she has done a tremendous job and we’re really excited to have her.”

Crosby joined the Town of Mooresville in May 2020 as the Assistant to the Manager’s Office. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her new role from not only her service at the Town, but also her previous involvement with small business and downtown development. Crosby holds a B.A. in Public Policy Studies from Duke University and an MBA from Wake Forest University.