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Job Postings Are Sliding Overall, But Not For These High-Demand Roles

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By Joanne Drilling – National Data Reporter, The Business Journals

At a time when job postings have declined 28% from a pandemic-era high in 2021, certain positions — including multiple skilled trades — are in high demand.

That’s according to recently released data from global job-search engine Indeed.

Indeed’s data indicates that searches for “registered nurse” scored a 4.1% share of total resume searches by employers in the United States last year, more than any other search terms. Searches for “nurse” (2.9%) and “physical therapist” (0.6%) also made Indeed’s top 10 list at a time when the health-care industry soldiers through an ongoing labor crisis.

Searches for medical assistants (0.4%) and dentists (0.4%) fell just outside the top 10.

According to analysts at Indeed, skilled trades are a pain point for employers and recruiters alike — not just in the United States, but across English-speaking countries.

Mechanics (2.1%) and electricians (1.4%) also ranked as in-demand positions, according to Indeed’s research, especially as needs for electric-vehicle infrastructure continue to increase.

Top ten most searched resumes in the U.S.

Healthcare and skilled trades are some of the most in-demand job candidates for 2024.

Registered nurses 4.1%
Sales 3.3%
Nurses (general) 2.9%
Mechanic 2.1%
Accountant 1.9%
Electrician 1.4%
Customer service 1.1%
Chef or cook 0.8%
Physical therapist 0.6%
Retail 0.5%

Source: Indeed

“We’ve seen a pullback for knowledge workers and an uptick in consumers wanting skilled services,” said Indeed economist Cory Stahle. “During the pandemic, people were consuming more goods and staying home. Now they’re shopping, traveling and going to restaurants.”

Chefs and cooks collectively also made Indeed’s top 10 list, with a 0.8% share. Those positions are proving to be difficult vacancies for employers to fill as the hospitality industry has roared back to life faster in some markets than others.

“As the labor market keeps changing, it’s super important for anyone switching fields or just starting out to be adaptable and ready for what’s next,” said Scott Dobroski, a communications executive at Indeed. “We really recommend boosting soft skills, like how well you communicate and lead. Online courses are a great, flexible way to keep up with the competition.”

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