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JRi Shocks Announces New Division, JRi Engineering Solutions

Mooresville, NC- JRi Engineering Solutions is a full-service engineering company with a primary focus on hydraulics and pneumatics. Born out of more than 80 years of combined technical expertise at the highest levels of motorsports, (Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR) JRi has pioneered some of the most advanced damping technology ever created. After receiving a multitude of project requests outside of automotive shock absorbers, we realized this is a mature segment in which we can contribute. Our sister company, JRi Shocks, sells high-performance shock absorber products to various consumer

facing markets, while JRi Engineering Solutions creates time sensitive, client-focused products that provide proven results.

JRi’s highly experienced engineering staff can take a tailored solution from conceptualization to production. From shock absorbers and test equipment to integral data acquisition mechanisms, we can support a wide range of needs. JRi is capable of total turn-key solutions, design-only applications, or input at a critical stage of the design process for inventors, entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporations alike. “Challenge is what brings us to work in the morning,” states Jeff Ryan, Vice President of Engineering. “We recognize that every project and client have a unique need and our engineering team constructs the design and manufacturing processes based on our decades of experience in various advanced production methods.”

JRi Engineering Solutions has completed a gamut of projects in industries ranging from marine and aerospace to high-speed rail and biomechanical. To discuss your project needs or to learn more about JRi Engineering Solutions, please visit our website,


About JRi Engineering Solutions:

JRi Engineering Solutions was founded out of its sister company, JRi Shocks, in 2020 to bring the company’s high-performance hydraulic and pneumatic damping technology to industries outside of racing and street performance.

JRi Shocks was founded in 2007 by Jeff Ryan, who is widely regarded as one of the most legendary shock innovators of his time. His 40 years of experience and pioneering technologies have supported championship teams in all forms of motorsports, including Formula One, IndyCar, NASCAR and at the highest levels of short track racing. Ryan began his career as one of the first 8 employees at Fox Shocks before moving on to working for various race teams in IndyCar and Formula 1. He would later go on to partner with Roger Penske to form Penske Racing Shocks, where he left his largest imprint on the racing world by setting the modern-day standard for damper performance in the motorsports industry.

In October of 2018, JRi Shocks was purchased by NASCAR Hall of Fame Crew Chief and Team Owner Ray Evernham. With 3 NASCAR Cup Series championships and more than 70 wins as a crew chief and team owner, Evernham is one of the most successful mechanics, race car designers and businessmen in NASCAR history. Ray and Jeff Ryan began collaborating during the late 1980s in the IROC series and continued to work together as Evernham started his career in NASCAR, where they would develop the foundation for the current NASCAR Cup Series shock package.

Once Evernham and Ryan partnered together on JRi Shocks, they began to see the overwhelming interest and need for the company’s technologies in industries outside of the motorsports and streetcar marketplace. JRi Engineering Solutions was born and serves a wide variety of customers in several different industries.

Source: “JRi Shocks Announces New Division, JRi Engineering Solutions.” Candace Martin Director of Marketing, JRi Shocks, 2 September 2020. Press Release.

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