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State Dollars Provide a Boost for South Iredell Utility Improvements

Provided by Lake Norman Media Group, Lee Sullivan on July 20, 2022 —

Mooresville – South Iredell municipalities are positioned to receive around $13 million combined – most of it in financial distributions included in the latest General Assembly-adopted and Gov. Roy Cooper-approved North Carolina budget – for utility system upgrades.

After Cooper signed off on the state budget package last week, the details of monetary allotments were finalized with Mooresville set to receive $9.5 million for a proposed water treatment network addition and Troutman targeted for a $900,000 boost to enhance its system of utility service lines in preparation for anticipated growth.

The state money destined for south Iredell utility projects represents a small part of the $325.9 million in Water-Wastewater Infrastructure Fund dollars authorized as one-time distributions to water and wastewater authorities throughout the state in the newly adopted budget.

In addition, with notification confirmed soon after the state budget was approved, Troutman is also set to receive a $1.67 million grant – along with favorable low-interest terms for another $685,000 – through programs targeting utility system maintenance and upgrades supervised by the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Mooresville’s Projects
The funds earmarked for Mooresville could directly boost a planned addition to the town’s water treatment facilities, according to a statement shared by the town soon after the funding was approved.

“The Town was excited to learn that one of our utility infrastructure projects was included in the State’s Water/Wastewater Infrastructure fund,” the statement reads. “This money will be used to replace a finished water tank with a new, larger tank at one of our water treatment plants (on U.S. 21), along with site piping and other ancillary improvements. This is a high-priority project for the Town as it provides additional redundancy and reliability in our water treatment system.”

Provided by Lake Norman Media Group, Lee Sullivan