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Statesville business at the forefront of producing air purifiers

Air quality has become a topic of conversation even more so during the last year after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Now one local business is at the forefront of producing air filtration systems and it’s also changing the sports world.

AirBox is a women-owned small business that’s located in Statesville, North Carolina, but in the last year, a number of both collegiate and professional sports teams throughout the country have contacted them in hopes they could help make their facilities a safer place for employees, athletes and fans by using their products.

“We’ve been outfitting a lot of locker rooms, athletic departments, and weight rooms. I think a lot of the main focus is on surface cleaning and a lot of people don’t realize that even though you’ve cleaned the surface those particles still get into the air and then once you clean the surface they can land back on the surface and reinfect it,” Michail Moore, Co-Owner and VP of Marketing at AirBox, explained.

AirBox’s involvement in sports doesn’t stop there, when the pandemic hit and NASCAR came to a stop they were able to hire a number of people from the sport to help with their business.

“We were able to bring on some of those mechanics and engineers to help build the products as essential workers so we were able to put them back to work so they could still provide for their families at a time when a lot of people in the sport weren’t able to do that anymore,” Moore said.

The founders of AirBox hope that their products and their passions for educating others on air quality can help make not only sports facilities safer, but also other homes and businesses as well.

“What we want people to be able to do is now that indoor air quality has become more of a focus, we want to educate people on that. That’s our biggest goal so people can understand the effect that air that they’re breathing in is having on their health number one. Then number two just being able to provide them with a solution to improve that once they do make that realization and to do something about it so the next time there is an outbreak in some type of virus we have a solution already put in place to help mitigate that so we can still go about our daily lives and not see the effects that the pandemic brought on us this last year,” Moore said.

AirBox will also be sponsoring the No. 22 team in the Truck Series race at Kansas Speedway on May 1.

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