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Survey Results from the CLT Alliance on Recent Biden Administration Covid-19 Mandates

In early September, President Biden issued a sweeping mandate that would require all employers with more than 100 employees to ensure their workforce is vaccinated or tested for Covid-19 weekly. According to AP News, this is expected to affect about 80 million Americans.

Recognizing the impact on the business community, the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance® reached out to the regional community to understand what this means for them. Through a flash poll, this is what we found:

  • Most people agree with the mandate issued by President Biden. There was an equal turnout for those who strongly agreed or strongly disagreed with the mandate. When the data was combined to represent those who broadly agreed and those who broadly disagreed, though, 56 percent of respondents agreed with the mandate.
  • The mandate will not widely affect many organizations’ plans to return to the office. The mandate is expected to affect millions of Americans nationwide, but 69 percent of survey respondents did not believe that it would impact their plan to return to the office. Six percent of respondents believed that it would accelerate their plans, while 7 percent believed it would delay their plans.
  • Human resources is the most important tool to help organizations meet the requirements of the new mandate. Following that list, from most important to least important, was legal, healthcare, and then organizational development.

Through the mandate’s language, it appears that the Charlotte Region’s small businesses will not experience any undue burden resulting from the new regulation. While awaiting OSHA’s final ruling, it remains to be seen what the workforce’s opinions are of this new regulation.


Written by the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, “Survey Results on Recent Biden Administration Covid-19 Mandates, September 23, 2021,