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The Charlotte Region is Making Jobs Happen

What does it take for a city to become a jobs magnet? A new study by LinkedIn’s Economic Graph team looking at labor-market conditions in 2020 found 15 U.S. cities — ranging from Philadelphia to Provo, Utah — that stood out in the face of a chaotic economy.

The study measured both the average volume of open job postings on LinkedIn and the quantity of people in each area getting hired, as tracked by updates to their LinkedIn profiles. Both were adjusted for demographic size. The resulting list includes well-known coastal leaders such as San Francisco and Boston, as well as a flurry of often-overlooked achievers in the middle of the country.

Success in 2020 didn’t come easy. So, how did these cities secure their edge? Some, including Seattle and San Francisco, have made the most of what could be called “the tech sector lift.” Others, such as Austin and Nashville, benefited by attracting out-of-area employers to set up regional operations or even move their headquarters. Most others on the list, like Madison, Wis. and Denver, have benefited from gradual growth among many existing employers.

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