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Town Planning and Community Development Department Unveils Newly Implemented Plan Software

The Town of Mooresville’s Planning & Community Development department has added a new software program, idtPlans, that will make the land development plan and permit submittal process faster for applicants, starting on August 2.

Danny Wilson, Planning & Community Development Director, explained that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the submission process through the Town of Mooresville was only done both in person and on paper. With the changes that the pandemic brought on regarding face-to-face interactions, the department decided it was time to re-evaluate how they could make the submitting plans and permit requests electronically a reality for the Town.

“After researching our options, we elected to go with idtPlans, which will increase efficiency for our applicants and allows for better feedback along the way during the approval process,” said Wilson. “The software allows us to review the plans and mark them up, creating comments that the applicant can click on for feedback about their next steps. They’ll also receive notifications automatically as their plans move through each part of the process, so they’re better informed and don’t have to call for updates.”

The program is being rolled out in phases, with the land development process starting on August 2. The land development process includes sketch, concept, and site plans. The next phase to be rolled out will occur in September and include all remaining applications, such as rezoning, special use permit, variance, and annexation.

Please visit the Town’s website at for additional information or go to to use idtPlans. The Planning & Community Development department will offer assistance in-person at Town Hall, 413 North Main Street, to show applicants how to use idtPlans.

Written by the Town of Mooresville, July 26, 2021,