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Corvid Technologies Plans $30 Million Investment and Expansion of Headquarters Campus at Langtree

Photo by Melissa Key

Corvid Technologies, headquartered in Mooresville, NC, has plans to expand their operations at its campus at Langtree. Founded in 2004, Corvid Technologies provides complex engineering solutions for a wide variety of industry sectors including aerospace, defense, military, and motorsports.

In 2018, the company announced an expansion in Mooresville with the purchase of land and a $28 million investment in two buildings at the Langtree Peninsula.

In 2023, Corvid purchased 66 acres of adjacent property to their headquarters in Langtree. Their ultimate plans are to build out a campus that would bring together research and development, design, training, manufacturing, and warehousing to support their clients and the industries they serve.

On January 16, the Town of Mooresville and Iredell County Board of Commissioners individually approved incentives for Corvid’s next phase of expansion for a $30 million investment in additional real property to include a 200,000 square foot building that would enable them to manufacture the products they have engineered and designed for their clients. With the expansion, the company also plans to create 54 new jobs with the average wages of the new positions paying above the County’s average wage of $63,674.

Additionally, the Mooresville Board of Commissioners approved a rezoning request initiated by the Town of Mooresville to allow for the expansion. The 87.2-acre Corvid campus at Transco Road and Langtree Campus is now Hybrid Light Industrial (HLI).