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Iredell County Adopts 2045 Horizon Plan

The Iredell County Board of Commissioners formally adopted their 2045 Horizon Plan on December 19, 2023 after completing a 15 month process which included a series of public meetings and stakeholder engagement. The last plan, 2030 Horizon Plan, was adopted in 2009. A lot has changed in the last decade with new growth in the County and in the region, shifts in community preferences, evolution of industries, and ever-improving best practices to consider.  The 2024 Horizon Plan will continue to consider topics of the previous plan as well as emerging issues to include:

• Growth Management and Future Land Use
• Agricultural Preservation
• Transportation
• Economic Development
• Cultural, Environmental, and Water Resources
• Public Services and Facilities

The plan was led by Clarion Associates with insights from Rose Associates with guidance from a steering committee of community leaders representing diverse perspectives, and public engagement from across the County. In addition, the plan took into account other plans that have been adopted by the state, region, and municipalities. You can learn more about the 2045 Horizon Plan here.