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Located Outside Of Charlotte, This Is The Fastest-Growing City In North Carolina

By Nicole Weaver

When you think of the fastest-growing city in North Carolina your mind probably goes straight to Raleigh or Charlotte, but that’s not the case according to GOBankingRates!

Cities are almost becoming unliveable when it comes to cost of living. I currently rent in Plaza Midwood, and each time I look at buying prices, I stop immediately. Small bungalows within Plaza Midwood, South End, Noda and even Dilworth don’t come with a price tag under half a million dollars. And for most people, that’s just not reasonable. So people are moving! When Maney moved from Ballantyne to Waxhaw and when he told me that his MORTGAGE is lower than my rent, I then realized the appeal of moving out of the “city.”

So if people aren’t moving to Charlotte or Raleigh to make them the fastest-growing city in North Carolina, where are they moving?


Mooresville has seen such an influx of new residents over the past decade that it is considered the fastest-growing city in the entire state. With Lake Norman in it’s backyard, I definitely understand the appeal! The city, located outside of Charlotte, has seen a population increase of 43.24% over the past eight years, according to GOBankingRates.