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North Carolina Remains Near the Top of CNBC’s Top States for Business 2024


To rank America’s Top States for Business in 2024, CNBC scored all 50 states on 128 metrics in 10 broad categories of competitiveness. Each category is weighted based on how frequently states use them as a selling point in economic development marketing materials. That way, the study ranks the states based on the attributes they use to sell themselves. According to CNBC, they developed their criteria and metrics in consultation with a diverse array of business and policy experts, and the states, and the study is not an opinion survey. They use data from a variety of sources to measure the states’ performance. Under our methodology, states can earn a maximum of 2,500 points. The states with the most are America’s Top States for Business.

With that being said, North Carolina remains near the top, taking the number two spot with a total of 1,592 points.  North Carolina also ranked third in Workforce and second in Business Friendliness.

See the full rankings here.