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Town of Mooresville Set to Launch Building Permitting & Inspections Department in Early September

The Town of Mooresville will launch a new Building Permitting & Inspections Department in September to help residents submit plans, receive permits, and undergo inspections. This will eliminate the need for Town residents to travel to Statesville to get permits from the Iredell County Building Standards Division.

Starting September 5, 2023, Mooresville’s Building Permitting & Inspections Department will be responsible for administering and enforcing the North Carolina State Building Codes to provide a reasonable level of safety, public health, and general welfare through plan review, issuance of permits and inspections. Iredell County will issue permits until close of business on September 1, 2023. Permits issued by Iredell County will remain with Iredell County to enforce and conduct inspections until projects are completed.

The new Building Permitting & Inspections Department will be located in the One Mooresville Center (OMC) at 750 W. Iredell Avenue. OMC will become a one-stop shop for residents and contractors with Planning & Community Development, Building Permitting & Inspections Department, and the Mooresville Fire Marshal Office all housed within the building.

While the Town’s Building Permitting & Inspections software is different than Iredell County’s software, it will seamlessly integrate with the software used by other Town departments that are part of the review and permitting process.

As previously announced, Tommy Rowland is the Director of the Building Permitting & Inspections Department. Rowland has more than 22 years of experience of building inspection experience in North Carolina. He most recently served as the Mechanical/Plumbing Code Administrator for Mecklenburg County.
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