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2022 North Carolina Development Tier Designations

Since 2007,  North Carolina has used a three-level system for designating county development tiers.  The annually rankings determine a variety of state funding opportunities to assist economic development.  A statewide county tier map and designation can be found here.

Iredell County has maintained its position as a Tier 3, ranking 89th out of 100 counties. Somewhat surprising was the significant increase in wages for Iredell, which went from an average wage in 2021 of $51,136 to an average wage in 2022 of $59,411. The increase places Iredell County above the State of North Carolina’s average wage at $57,926 for 2022. Iredell County now has the 4th highest average wage in the state behind Durham County at $82,247, Mecklenburg County $75,907, and Wake County $68,317.

County Tiers are calculated using four factors:

  • Average unemployment rate
  • Median household income
  • Percentage growth in population
  • Adjusted property tax base per capita

Included is the memo regarding the state’s methodology for the rankings and list of all 100 counties, designation, and wages, 2022-Tiers-memo_asPublished_113021.pdf (