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NC in Running for BioMADE Facility Aimed at Boosting U.S. Manufacturing Jobs

By Lauren Ohnesorge – Senior Staff Writer, Triangle Business Journal

North Carolina is a potential site for a federally funded manufacturing pilot facility that proponents hope could save and create American jobs.

BioMADE, a Manufacturing Innovation Institute sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense, included North Carolina on a list of six states. Other states tapped to potentially create a national network of bioindustrial manufacturing pilot facilities include California, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana and Iowa.

The goal of BioMADE is to narrow the gap in domestic bioindustrial manufacturing infrastructure, making the U.S. more competitive with countries like China. Bioindustrial manufacturing is a broad term, covering processes that can create cement, bioplastics and even food. The facilities use biology to convert agricultural feedstocks and waste streams to high-value chemicals, materials and other defense and industrial base products.

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